Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Spring Delight!

Spring time has been on the slow side in the west coast of NL. Only in the past week, I have noticed trees are greening and my garden starting to wake up. The two oak trees beside the inukshuk are the final ones to produce their leaves as usual.

While the rest of Canada is sweltering enjoying the heat, we have only one or two days of 20 degrees. But truthfully, I prefer our moderate weather.

On the hooking front, I have been working on the View from My Window project and it is coming along. We are meeting today at lunch time for the first time in a month because of vacation and conflicting schedules.


  1. WOW you garden looks amazing as usual.

  2. Love your gardens. We haven't had too many warm sunny days either, but today was beautiful.

  3. You're lucky to still have cooler spring weather. We're due for 96 degrees here tomorrow! Your garden is lovely with all the tiers. I just love getting a peek at other people's gardens!

  4. Your garden is gorgeous! Tulips are still blooming there?!! Yes, after a couple of days of 100 degree temps here I'm likin' the cooler stuff too! Just a little hard to take so close together! Keep those lovely garden pics coming Julie!
    Cathy G

  5. I so love your garden, Julie...plenty of hard work went into this....