Monday, January 24, 2011

Winter is Here!

I think western Newfoundland is paying for all the gloating we did up to two weeks ago about how warm it was and how green it was. WAS is the operable word! Winter is definitely now here!

It was a slow start to Monday as we had a blizzard overnight and my truck was surrounded by a meter high snowbank. But I did make it into the DAY JOB safely although, abit late. I was able to transfer one design on linen and started another one which is destined for the Cheticamp frame, so it's large. Only one more flower square to do on the Hearts and Flowers mat and then, abit of the border and it's coming off the frame...hooray!

Pictures are definitely in order for the next post!


  1. The snow does look beautiful when its all new and fresh, but it doesn't take long to look gross and dirty! Stay warm.

  2. Bet the Ski Hill operators are happy :-)
    our snow came...and went...