Friday, January 14, 2011

More Pictures

This lovely lighthouse was Alice's first attempt at rug hooking. She also designed it and it is hooked with wool yarn on Scottish Burlap.

This is Alice's second mat. This Santa was a quick Christmas gift and one of my own designs from last year.


  1. I guess you guys have all that extra time to hook, instead of shovelling snow! hehehe
    It certainly is different for us to have more snow than you.
    Loved your golf attire story. I have a reverse philosohy on the golf course. I wear ugly baggie shorts and a sloppy golf shirt. Then when I hit a great shot people are surprised. I want them to under-estimate me on the course! Sort of like "sand-bagging" with clothing. Hahaha

  2. These mats are just beautiful, Julie..especially for the first should see my first lighthouse...I would be too ashamed to show it....have fun hooking!!!