Friday, December 30, 2011

If Only??

I finished Maddy and now, onto the snow surrounding her. I was reading Deanne's post this morning about ideas and it reminded me of an idea I had last night while hooking some of the snow background.

I thought that once I am finished Maddy's mat, I would design another one for each of the other dogs I have had; Babe and Bonnie, the Dobermans, Heidi and Pepper, the Schnauzers, and finally, Pee Wee along with Maddy for the Jack Russells.

Once finished, I could join the six mats into one large mat. Now, that seems to be a great idea!

If only??


  1. Maddy looks great. I sometimes get those grand ideas about a big project but after a few days, I move on. Lol good luck

  2. Wow! Maddy is one great looking pooch! Nice job!
    I have a head full of big ideas..... then reality sets in!!
    Happy creating!!
    Cathy G