Saturday, December 10, 2011

And the Wind did blow!

We had a unbelievable wind storm from Thursday evening into Friday and lost the power for 27 hours. The temperature soared to over plus 14 and then, dropped like a proverbial rock.

Now, we have had wind storms before but this one had us all nervous and afraid that the roof would blow off any minute. At one point, we watched a light fixture in the kitchen ceiling rock and sway like we were on a boat. Oh the North Atlantic, the winds are cruel and merciless.

Our portable garage which used to house the boat was shredded and collapsed like it was just cardboard. Besides that ,a piece of siding and part of a fence blown over, our little house by the Bay of Islands stood her ground and bravely survived another attempt to blow us off this rock!


  1. That storm was terrible. We had some power outages, but only for a few hours. Glad your house stood strong and no one was hurt (except the garage)

  2. Julie,
    I'm so glad to hear you folks are okay! Garage can be replaced I hope! The weather is getting stranger and more violent it seems everywhere! Stay warm and safe!
    Cathy G