Friday, July 29, 2011


This wicked sunset was taken one night this week overlooking the beautiful Bay of Islands. If you look closely, you will see a small boat probably heading home after a day of recreational cod fishing.

Wicked is one of those NL terms which doesn't mean what it does to the rest of Canada. Wicked is something great, wonderful, beautiful, unbelievable. Used like this; I had a wicked time last night at the concert, or that's a wicked tee shirt you have on.

Wicked is the equivalent of the word "sick" that the young people from away, use all the time.


  1. That would be a wicked sunset in Nova Scotia also. Gorgeous scene Julie.

  2. We used wicked the same way as kids growing up in coastal MA! If you got really pumped, it was wicked mucca good.

  3. It looks so unreal, almost too beautiful.

    We don't get sunsets like that out here in Victoria BC. When I go home in the fall I will be able to see sunsets like that on the Bay of Fundy!