Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Got to Love it!

Imagine looking out your window every morning and seeing this big, old iceberg out in your front yard? This picture is in Goose Cove which is only a couple of hours drive from my house in NL.

I still marvel at the beautiful sights all around me in this place. The summer has been on the cool side but we aren't complaining. I overheard a visitor to our province ask someone what kind of air conditioning did she have? The answer was simple; "why, we just open more windows when it's hot".

Got to love it!


  1. What a sight! Unbelievable. Your area is so beautiful.

  2. that is unbelievable for sure.

  3. As much as I've been complaining about the heat this summer.....I really don't think I'd want to see that reminder of winter every day! :-)
    Actually, it is amazingly beautiful and humbling. You are indeed fortunate.

  4. Wow, that is very majestic. I have never seen an iceberg in person. We don't get many in the Bay of Fundy where I grew up :)
    I think I would be in awe every time I saw on if I lived In NFLD. Some day I will get to visit there.
    Thanks for posting this amazing picture and reminding everyone to Stop, Look, and Appreciate the beauty that is all around us.

  5. Wow !! That looks really cool - I wish I lived somewhere near the sea. I dont like hot weather that much. I would really prefer my summers to be a bit on the colder side :)