Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New Project!

I haven't posted any news in awhile and it's not because that anything has been wrong. I just haven't had much to say which may be abit unusual but sometimes, it does happen.

I have been working on two projects that will be awhile in completing. Here is the project that I am preparing for our rug hooking group at work. We decided as a group on the size (roughly 14 x 24), common elements of a building, tree, flowers and an animal. We also decided to do something different in our borders. Either incorporating the border into the picture or adding a design.

My project as you can see is a view from a window and the window framing the view as a border. Another part of the design is we must use at least 50% tee shirt material. We liked the idea of working on new elements as a group for support and input.


  1. Neat border design. I like the window approach. I look forward to seeing all the elements come together!

  2. Great pattern ~ I'll also look forward to your progress!

  3. Julie, I like this design. The window frame is wonderful. Looking forward to watching your rug come to life.