Wednesday, March 2, 2011

More Mats Please!

This absolutely gorgeous mat is another one by Maureen in my rug hooking group at work. It is from a picture that was taken of her cabin. I love the perspective and how she has framed only a part of the cabin and incorporated it into a beautiful mat.

The fibre is mixed including wool strips, wool yarn and tee shirt material. The small bush with flowers in the lower section is done in proddy and also, high hooking of yarn. The photograph doesn't really do justice to such a piece.

Maureen really wanted to match the colour of the cabin and sent samples to Deanne Fitzpatrick who came through with a custom dying order.


  1. WOW, an amazing piece. I love how she cropped the image, yet captured it so well.

  2. Stunning Rug! I love the whole scene. It looks so realistic!

  3. Fantastic!!! I just love it...what an incredible job...leave it to Deanne, she will get what you need/want....