Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Come Dine With Me Canada

I started watching Come Dine With Me (UK) and loved it. It was with anticipation that I waited to see Come Dine With Me (Canada) only to be sorely disappointed. It is horrible and I am not sure why?

No accents? Could be that the Toronto twang is affecting my enjoyment after spending some years in Ontario?

Not too boozy? Could be I have grown used to the UKs snockered dinner parties and miss the fun of drunken guests?

Terms of Endearment? Could be as I have now grown used to such terms as starter, main and pudding etc?

Recipes? The Canadian menus have been boring and one served a gazpacho as the main last night?

Whatever it is, I hope W channel puts back on the Come Dine With Me (UK).


  1. JULIE....I don't like it either! Love the UK one, especially when they are wacky and crazy. Its a bonus when they don't like each other and snipe and fight.
    But maybe its because we are Canadians and like to see our people in the best light. I get almost embarrassed watching it when they act rude! Canadians are not supposed to be rude! (haha)
    On a recent episode one guy made an entire meal without owning a stove??? What the heck is up with that? A microwave and a toaster oven.....Geez!

  2. Exactly. The same guy made gazpacho as his main course. How did he get any points making a cake in a toaster oven.