Saturday, November 20, 2010

Time and Tide

Well, this is a picture looking out at the barrens in Port aux Basques Thursday morning when we just got off the ferry. I see a rug in this picture. It was 12 degrees and a warm wind greeted us back to the island after being away for three weeks.

I had to take my outstanding vacation before the end of the year, so this called for a trip to Montreal and Toronto to see family. A very pleasant visit with my mother which of course, always ends much too soon!

I didn't take along any rug hooking and I missed it very much. But, I did make a stop in Amherst to spend abit of time choosing wool for future projects at Deanne's studio.

This is a picture taken this morning with snow under Maddy's feet as she looks out from the deck. Yes, there is a skiff of snow this morning and it is chilly at minus 2. Time and tide waits for no one and this is especially true in this part of the world.


  1. Maddy doesn't seem to mind the snow...we have a sprinkling, too, today.
    Nice that you had a good vacation...visiting with family is always great. Nice to be home again, I bet....

  2. Glad you had a nice family visit. Its hard when they are so far away and can't get to see them often enough.
    Deanne has her studio looking great eh. I hope you bought lots of goodies.