Monday, May 4, 2009

Oovey...Monday Morning already?

Isn't that how we all feel on Monday morning? But for the most part, a great weekend. It rained all day Saturday, but Sunday was lovely enough to wash a vehicle and to enjoy a cup of tea on the deck.

The garden is coming to life as is the neighbourhood. I was able to work on the border of the chickens. You know, you never know where good advice comes from. I remarked to Pauline that my border was getting crooked. She then reminded me that on my very first pattern, I hooked the outside of the border first and worked inside to keep it straight and even.

Good advice comes to us all, if we are only willing to hear it.

1 comment:

  1. Yes always hook a row on the outside of the centre or background of your rug before you fill in the background...that way you have a hooked row of hooking in the border fabric to hook the background up to.... then hook around and around that established hooked rwo until the border is as wide as you want it.

    hope ths makes sense!