Saturday, April 7, 2012

Before and After!

Maddy is a broken coated Jack Russell and if you have ever seen a box of small Milkbones, there is a little Jack Russell on it that looks like her twin. We still have some snow on the ground, but there is a change in the air and the birds are much more vocal, so it is time for our first spring time job, Maddy's haircut; and here is the big reveal....tah dah
Wowwww! Where did Maddy go???


  1. I bet Maddy feels great all spruced up for Spring. Our snow is all gone but the forecast tells a sad tale for tomorrow morning. I thought the Easter Bunny was supposed to bring candy, not snow?

  2. I'll bet she loves her new haircut! Mine hate getting it cut then after they're done they race around and act like they feel so good with all that hair gone!!!
    She's so sweet!
    You still have snow? Seems so strange as we've had such an early spring here!
    Have a nice Easter!
    Cathy G

  3. Maddy is very cute ~ before and after her new "do".
    Hugs and Happy Easter :)