Saturday, February 11, 2012

Maddy Complete!

Besides talking about the weather, my internet was down for two days, two very, very long days. I never realized how dependent I have become on it. I couldn't send emails, I couldn't listen to Coast to Coast on internet radio, I couldn't watch Netflix, I felt disconnected.

After two calls to Bell Aliant, I am re-connected and feeling better. In the meantime, I did complete Maddy's little mat. It looks just like she does before her spring haircut, little lion dog, mane and all.

Now, working on Aunt Bertie's Daisy Garden, while watching Netflix. How do you spell, relief?


  1. Me too. Maddy's tribute rug is beautiful. Glad you are plugged back in :)

  2. I maybe need my internet to go down.... would get a lot more done!! LOVE how Maddy turned out! The border is wonderful with the doggy bones!!! Hope you stay connected!!
    Cathy G

  3. I've been trying to ditch the computer hook more! Your Maddy mat is sweet! I love the border, too!