Sunday, January 29, 2012


After a lengthy debate with myself and much researching on the internet, I got myself an ereader. As you can see, it is a Sony PRS and I made the decision about Sony over Kindle and Kobo because of its versatility in downloading ebooks in various formats.

I must say, I am enjoying it and there are so many books available and I can even access public libraries. I used to read so much when I was young, using a flashlight under the covers but over the years, I have dropped off in my reading. My ereader sure beats balancing a flashlight on my shoulder in the middle of the night!

On the rug hooking front, I am almost finished Maddy's mat, and will post a picture upon its completion.

Inspiration is defined as "breathing in the spirit" and part of being inspired, is finding joy in new things!


  1. I love my e-reader. I did the flashlight thing as a kid too :)

  2. I have a HP TouchPad and I LOVE reading books, from Amazon / Kindle... specially the FREE ones! LOL

    Rosa Robichaud
    Saint John, New Brunswick

  3. I got a Kobo Vox for Christmas, and I am *in love* with the whole e-reading experience! I used to love to read and then stopped. Finally realized it was because I love to read in bed, but once I got married I was stuck with booklights that drove me nuts, so I gave up. Now I'm reading like crazy again! :)

  4. Julie,
    What a magnificent machine!!! Enjoy all the good reads!!
    Can't wait to see your Maddy mat all finished!
    Cathy G